• John Joubert - Founder of Robot Dwarf

    John Joubert


    John is a serial entrepreneur. He is a merchant of ideas, a wrangler of talent and an internet addict. His inspirational leadership and strategic thinking are critical to his role as Founder and CEO of Robot Dwarf (Digital Agency) and his mission in life is to share and teach what he has learned over the past decade
  • Jasond Johnston

    Jasond Johnston


    Jasond thrives on finding the best possible, and often creative solutions, to existing problems. If someone comes to him with an idea, a thought, a dream; Jasond will find a way to help realise it. This desire to see the goals of others achieved as if they were his own is what he brings to Robot Dwarf (Digital Agency) and to every client, project and endeavour that he crosses paths with.
  • Shelley Kotze

    Shelley Kotze


    Shelley is a creative thinker. Her background in copy writing and social media strategy honed her understanding of online storytelling through various channels such as websites, social platforms, blogs and more. She is passionate about clients and their needs, particularly the interpretation of their digital goals into shareable user experiences and brand stories.